The 9 Billion Schools Video Series: Part Three

We recently produced a four-part video series that explains the thoughts behind the 9 Billion Schools movement.

In our first video, SHP Leading Design President Lauren Della Bella shares why the architecture firm is so passionate about shaping the future of education, and discusses how SHP teamed up with acclaimed author and futurist Brian David Johnson in order to turn the idea into a tangible framework.

Part two of this video series breaks down what exactly life-long, life-wide, and life-deep (L3) learning looks like.

In this video, Lauren and Brian uncover how L3 learning weaves its way not only into classrooms, but into our homes, workplaces, and wherever else we spend our leisure time. New knowledge awaits in a wide variety of places. It’s time that we start harnessing that knowledge by creating a culture of curiosity.

What does life-long, life-wide, life-deep learning mean to you? How can you start prioritizing personalized learning for both yourself and those around you?

We hope you’ll join the movement and keep this conversation going! Together we can radically reshape education and the places learning occurs.

Stay tuned for part four!

Lauren Della BellaComment