The Mobile Health & Wellness Learning Center

How can we turn the 9 Billion Schools from a movement into a reality? We asked that question of the design team at SHP Leading Design, which offered this view of how the medical community can facility life-long, life-wide and life-deep learning. Do you have an idea to share? Email us at
Better health is headed your way. With likes of WebMD and similar sources, accessing health info these days is rather easy. In some cases, especially for those unable to properly discern symptoms and risks, it may be too easy. In any event, no matter how convenient and helpful online resources may be, there’s something about health matters that seem to cry out for at least some in-person learning from physicians, nurses and other experts.

Take that idea and marry it with the fact that for too many people there’s no easy and affordable access to healthcare professionals, and what you end up with is the concept of the Mobile Health & Wellness Learning Center. It’s a classroom on wheels that can travel from neighborhood to neighborhood, from church to church, from business to business, providing tips, instruction and motivation to help people lead healthier, longer lives.

Imagine an RV, the kind with the expandable sides that provide additional square footage when the vehicle is parked. Inside, the vehicle is equipped with a presentation area that can comfortably accommodate a dozen people. Topics covered could range from how to eat a healthy diet on a budget to the early signs of Alzheimer’s. 

A demonstration area would be ideal for, say, brief seminars on preparing healthy meals. For those in need of private consulting or an actual exam, rooms in the back provide a safe and comfortable place.

The mobile center is a great example of how learning can travel to us in so many different ways, including by bus.