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9 Billion Schools: One School’s Journey – Educational Design Trends

It’s no secret that education is changing. Over the past few years, I’ve seen new trends influence a variety of different areas of education, including facility design. How spaces are designed can have a significant impact on teaching methods and learning.

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9 Billion Schools: One School’s Journey – Educational Trends

As part of our 9 Billion Schools “One School’s Journey” blog series, we examine how different educational trends create opportunities for parochial schools like Mercy McAuley High School to differentiate themselves from other educational institutions. Private and parochial schools have more freedom to determine curriculum, testing and academic structure, allowing greater flexibility to adjust to educational trends. 

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One School’s Journey – Economics

Christopher Nicak, Associate Director of Research at the Economics Center of the University of Cincinnati, presented on the local, regional and national economic forecast with a focus on jobs and future opportunities for today’s students.

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9 Billion School’s: One School’s Journey – The Changing Role of Technology

In our One School’s Journey blog series, I’ve shared information about our efforts helping combine two Cincinnati high schools into a brand new institution called Mercy McAuley High School. Our role is helping the transition team determine what they want the new school to be like. We’ve done that by leading a futurecasting exercise to imagine what the school will be like ten years down the road, and what steps they must take to realize that future.

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