Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The 9 Billion Schools movement is purposefully and joyously open and inclusive. We welcome everyone and all points of view, even those that may challenge ideas and opinions expressed by others.

However, at its very core, the 9 Billion Schools movement is about honoring the dignity of every single person and encouraging maximum flourishing for all individuals and communities.

As such, we will not tolerate any content or comments that are disrespectful to others or that in any way smacks of racism, sexism, religious bigotry and the like. In addition, vulgar and hateful language, as well as ad hominem attacks, will not be tolerated.

9 Billon Schools reserves the right to remove any content it deems at odds with this code of conduct. We also reserve the right to bar anyone from commenting or otherwise contributing for violating the letter or spirit of this code.

In summary, we recognize the realization of the 9 Billion Schools vision will require lots of ideas and healthy debates. But we firmly believe this not only can but must be accomplished in an environment of mutual respect.