Shoot for the Moon: Creative Problem Solving in Education

Male silhouette uses creativity to shoot for the moon

X (formerly Google X) describes its company as a “moonshot factory.” They use "moonshot" to remind employees to keep their visions big and "factory" to encourage concrete plans that actually turn big ideas into reality. When their employees “shoot for the moon” they can create a future that only existed in their dreams, like using a balloon to bring internet access to remote locations.

Finding creative solutions to real-world problems is what we should focus energy on in the field of education. Working on original projects means there isn’t always a clear road to success, so we must cultivate a culture where it is safe to fail. We want all learners to imagine without limits while also understanding the logistics required to put ideas in motion. 

For a dose of inspiration, visit and shoot for the moon.

Kendra Thornton earned her Ed.D. from Johns Hopkins University with a specialization in Mind, Brain and Teaching which builds upon research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and education. She is passionate about innovating school design to prepare students for the 21st Century and applying evidence-based practices to improve educational outcomes. Kendra is a Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC-S) independently licensed by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist Board. She is also a member of the Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Services Team.