The Institute


The Driving Force Behind Realizing the Vision

The 9 Billion Schools Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is on the leading edge of realizing a world where personalized, lifelong learning is available to everyone, from “cradle to grave.”  

Our manifesto states: Learning should be as individual as fingerprints and as long, wide and deep as life itself. We believe that such learning is necessary to positively advance society and maximize personal human flourishing for all.

Realizing our objectives will take untold amounts of human energy, creativity and work. We are committed to the following:

  1. Advocating nationally and internationally for personalized, lifelong learning;

  2. Conducting research that defines and/or enhances ways learning is delivered;

  3. Delivering consulting services that support innovative forms of lifelong learning; 

  4. Connecting like-minded organizations, companies and individuals that support the mission of life-long, life-wide and life-deep learning (L3 Learning) for all.  

We are in the early stages of our development and are deeply cognizant of the scale of our vision. Every journey begins with a few first, small steps. We have begun that journey, and here are a few examples of how:

  • We have published the book, 9 Billion Schools: Why the World Needs Personalized, Lifelong Learning for Allwhich describes the philosophy and movement, and includes thought-provoking essays about the future of learning across the age spectrum.
  • We are actively developing a research effort to explore the pedagogical effects of technology and gaming; the changing paradigm of highly personalized learning on the physical design of Colleges of Education across the country; and the evolution of HR departments to centers of continuing education.
  • We constantly monitor workplace leaders’ ideas and testing concepts for improved workplace learning, using SHP Design, a leading architecture and design firm, as an incubator for future best practices.
  • We provide design thinking, futurecasting and strategic planning services to help chart a course of action for education, business and community leaders wishing to embrace L3 Learning. 

If you would like to discuss collaborative efforts with the 9 Billion Schools Institute, or if you or your organization is in a position to help underwrite some of our important work, please contact Institute Board Member Dick Thomas at

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