Toss the Transcripts: The Inverse Relationship Between GPAs and Creativity

Employer conducts interview without GPAs, transcripts or test scores.

Google stopped requesting transcripts, GPAs and test scores from every applicant because they found these benchmarks were not a reliable predictor of on-the-job success. These evaluative tools were only truly helpful when jobs required rote performance.

In a recent study at NYU, researchers found an inverse relationship between students’ GPA and their propensity for creative work. Essentially, the higher one’s grade point average, the lower one’s interest in innovation! They speculate that visionaries devalue measures which rely on memorization as a means of assessment. Instead, they wish to use school as a time to explore new ideas. Finding value in academics and creativity simultaneously ensures well-rounded learners who will be able to apply knowledge beyond the classroom context.

Dr. Kendra M. ThorntonComment