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9 Billion Schools: Why the World Needs Personalized, Lifelong Learning for All

Be among the first to read our book. It's available on Amazon in both paperback and digital formats. Not only does it provide a great introduction to the philosophy and movement that is 9 Billion Schools, but you'll enjoy a whole host of essays exploring the future of lifelong learning.

“The challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century are so immenseof planetary scale and importit's hard to know where to start. But no innovation has the power to unlock more solutions than innovation in education, especially educational innovation that releases the talents of the great scope and diversity of humanity. 9 Billion Schools is not just for education policy, but also for climate policy, food policy, health policy and energy policy. It’s not just about doing what’s right by the aspirations of the nine billion individual humans that will inhabit the Earth in 2050, but it is also about doing what’s right for their posterity and the planet itself.” — Dave Guston, Founding Director and Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University

Curious about the concept, but not ready to commit? Download a preview of the book, just for being you!

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