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Life-Wide Learning Through Sports

Whether it’s little league baseball or beginner ballet, playground dodgeball or scuba diving, from the time many of us are children, sports can play an important role in developing our passions. Even as we age, sports can play an important role in living happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. What’s more, sports offer opportunities for learning well beyond simply perfecting a precise marching band formation or mastering the alley-oop.

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The Next Steps of Artificial Intelligence in Learning

Artificial intelligence isn’t tech that is off in the near- or distant-future. It’s a distinct part of our past and present, and while we revolutionize the way we learn to adopt a mindset that focuses on life-long, life-wide and life-deep learning, we’re both meeting the potential of technology today and expanding the limits of what it can do tomorrow.

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Make the Most of Lunch and Learns

It’s called a “lunch and learn” not a “lunch and lame.” These five tips can keep your lunch and learn from growing stale by providing employees with an experience they value and fuels their passions and creativity.

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School’s Out, But Learning Never Ends

In shock rocker Alice Cooper's 1971 hit "School's Out," he raucously proclaims that "school's out for summer" before declaring that "school's out forever!" To be freed of school and live, in Cooper's words, with "no more pencils, no more books," was just about every student's dream. We eagerly anticipated graduating from high school or college and leaving learning behind. For good. And that's mostly what happened with a lot of us. Though students today may still dream of school-less days, they shouldn't. No one should. It's a self-defeating and dignity-robbing wish. These days, for our own good, our collective proclamation should be: "School's in… forever!"

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Take the #IWillLearn Pledge

For each and every person to truly flourish in life, they must commit to L3 Learning, or learning that is life-long, life-wide and life-deep. With this week’s launch of 9 Billion Schools: Why the World Needs Personalized, Lifelong Learning for All, we’ve presented a roadmap to engage L3 Learning. We’ve shared arguments and examples on a variety of topics such as:

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