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Adjusting for the Future of Work: Equal Parts Human and Technology

The future of work and its potential are improved by the challenges of automation, not doomed by them. While the efficiencies of AI are praised, we should never lose sight of the human touch. In order to meet the demands of an increasingly digital future, we must refocus our skills and learning through a digital lens.

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Ten Inspirational Quotes About L3 Learning

9 Billion Schools is far from the first to advocate for lifelong learning and its many benefits. The benefits of life-long, life-wide and life-deep (L3) learning have been expressed by some of the greatest minds throughout history. To inspire inquisitive minds to never stop learning, here are ten quotes from people who exemplified the L3 learning lifestyle.

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9 Billion School’s: One School’s Journey – The Changing Role of Technology

In our One School’s Journey blog series, I’ve shared information about our efforts helping combine two Cincinnati high schools into a brand new institution called Mercy McAuley High School. Our role is helping the transition team determine what they want the new school to be like. We’ve done that by leading a futurecasting exercise to imagine what the school will be like ten years down the road, and what steps they must take to realize that future.

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Guest Blog: A Student’s Perspective on the 9 Billion Schools Movement

As a business and psychology student, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I took a marketing co-op focused in graphic design at an architecture firm. I’ve certainly required specific lessons and my colleagues have tailored their help to fit my needs. It’s evident that I have a different skillset (no better or worse) than previous co-ops; and I’m sure the next co-op will also present original skills and challenges. It’s an unconventional approach to a summer internship, but it’s highly personalized to my career goals.

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A Movement is About Community

There’s a very popular TED talk from Derek Sivers, “How to Start a Movement,” that I find myself coming back to time and time again. As I prepared to hit “send” on the first issue of the 9 Billion Schools newsletter, I re-watched Derek’s talk, which features a very funny video of a man dancing wildly (and enthusiastically) at an outdoor concert.

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The Future of Education Strikes a Chord

We’ve received a lot of feedback on our 9 Billion Schools book in the month or so since we released a preview copy at SXSWedu. Most comments are along the lines of, “Couldn’t agree more that this is the future of education.” and "Keep up the good work." This is really encouraging, of course. And I’m glad we’ve struck a chord with our initial readers.

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